Sworn Members both active and retired, The pandemic disrupted a whole lot of things and that included many of the things that we did as an association.   Gathering as members with a common K9 BOND, raising and donating money to various causes and charities in and around our area, and being ambassadors for the tremendous work of Law Enforcement and especially that of the hardworking professional K9 handlers who live and work in our region.

It is time to rally once again and kickstart the noble work that we have done for years in the name of Chief Jesse Bright Glaser.   We were formed because of that young man who by now would be well on his way to a future K9 career if cancer had not interrupted all of his potential.  We continue to carry on that mission for him and we won't quit.  We are an association that exists in the name of everything that is fair and just and we will never be swayed from our mission!

Now, more than ever, we need K9 handlers to stand strong from those who would chose chaos over law and order.  You are cordially invited to come on back, tune out the noise, and help us carry on from where we left off!

In the near future look for some new ideas and ways of communicating with our membership.  If you are a new K9 handler in the area, or a former handler looking to stay connected with folks who do what you proudly did,  please reach out to us and get on board!


The Executive Board of the GCPK9A

Our apologies to our members but the web host no longer supports the Blast email function that allowed us to blast info, meeting notices, etc.  This decision was not ours and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Please like the Gloucester County Police K9 on Facebook and look for any updates on events and information.

     It's been a few years since the above photo was taken on the front lawn of a residence in Wenonah. What an emotional and inspirational day that was.   Some cops above have retired, some have moved to different phases of their careers, and some have moved on to different careers altogether.  Some agencies no longer even exist.  What remains however is the spirit behind it all and that is a little boy named Jesse who left this earth way too soon! 

     His spirit and what he was about helped create the GCPK9A and because of him the mission still goes on~

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The GCPK9A honors an American Hero

8 August 2011

US ARMY RANGER Alessandro L. Plutino known to all as "Sandrino" of Pitman, New Jersey was killed in combat in Afghanistan fighting for our country while serving with the 1-75th Ranger Regiment. He gave his own life in the service of others. His selfless sacrifice and that of his family will never be forgotten!

May he forever rest in eternal peace.

"Rangers lead the way!"

Click on the photo to visit the

Honoring Sandrino's Sacrifice fund website